Revamp your Saree Look with these Must-Have Blouses


A well-made blouse can transform your saree look and help you stand out on any occasion. The trick to having a stunning outfit is spending time on your blouse design. While there are many blouse designs, we have narrowed down a few favorites for you. Explore these options for office wear, wedding wear, and more.

Blouse designs have evolved. It's interesting to note the evolution of fashion in India and the influence of Western styles on traditional clothing. Once upon a time, blouses had a standard pattern, hooks or buttons in front, and sleeves going down to the elbow. Now there are unlimited patterns to choose from. Also, traditionally Indian blouses were made from fabric belonging to a specific region - for example, Kanjeevaram from Kanchipuram, Ikat from Orissa, Pochampally from Hyderabad, and so on.

Today modern blouse designs have revolutionized Indian wear - from sleeveless, long sleeves, high-round or square necks, strapless, to halter necks - the patterns go on. Many different fabrics can be used too. Overall, the world of Indian fashion has evolved, incorporating new styles and trends while still staying true to its roots.

Here are some designs for you to keep in mind to help you revamp your saree:

Blouses with Different Sleeves

Choosing simple blouse designs with different sleeves is a fun way to style your outfit. The choice of the sleeve can be used to enhance the saree color, border, or pattern. Let’s explore the various sleeves, what materials to look out for, and the occasions each would be suitable for.

  • Short Sleeve blouse

A simple and safe option. You can never go wrong with this simple blouse design. These blouses can be stitched from cotton, silk, satin, or georgette, depending on the occasion.

Short sleeve blouses are classic pieces of clothing suitable for casual or semi-formal occasions. Perfect for daily wear or office wear.

Style Tip: Keep it simple and accessorize with delicate bracelets, minimal earrings, or a necklace. 

  • Three-Quarter Sleeves Blouse 

Three-quarter sleeves extend to your forearm. They create a balanced and often formal look. Cotton and silk are the best-suited materials for this kind of blouse. Silk saree blouse designs are for more formal and festive events. Cotton blouses can be chosen for a casual look. 

Style Tip: Pair with a choker to bring out the elegance in your blouse design. Colorful contrasting bangles on your arm will compliment the sleeves.

  • Full-Length Sleeve Blouse 

Full-sleeve saree blouses are stitched to reach up to your wrist. These simple blouse designs can add sophistication to your outfit. Silk, velvet, and satin are best suited for this blouse. Apt for weddings and formal occasions. It is also a great option for winter formal wear.

Style Tip: Focus on statement earrings or a bold necklace for this look. Traditional jewelry can help highlight the full-sleeve blouse. Style your hair into a braid or bun to achieve a stunning look of elegance.

  • Strapless or Off-Shoulder Blouse

Strapless and off-shoulder expose your shoulders and collarbone. If you are feeling bold and fun, this latest blouse design is an appropriate choice. Flowy fabrics like cotton and silk are best suited for this design. These designs can be worn to parties, receptions, or a sangeet.

Style tip: Choose a hairstyle that highlights your collarbones. Pick a minimal or bold necklace to compliment your shoulders based on your personality.

Blouses with different necklines

There are many options for choosing a neckline for your blouse. Here are some of our top picks:

  • V-neckline
A bold choice that helps create a lean silhouette. A V-neck blouse brings attention to your neck. Cotton or silk are suitable fabrics for this design. V-neck can be paired with long sleeves to create a stunning and formal look. This blouse design is suited for formal occasions like weddings or festive events.

    Style tip: Pair this blouse design with jewelry that will highlight your neckline. Think choker or a dazzling necklace.

    • Boat Neckline
    It is a design with a wide neckline. It runs from one shoulder to another. This design can have different types of sleeves, short or long. Use brocade, cotton, or silk for this type of garment.

      Style tip: Pair with a choker necklace to highlight this modern blouse design.

      • Sweetheart Neckline

      This style forms a heart shape with two curves at the neckline. The design goes well with long sleeves, straps, or short sleeves. It is a versatile design that can be adapted for different occasions. Cotton or silk fabric will highlight this blouse design. You can experiment with patterns like floral, checks, or motifs to add oomph to your blouse.

      Style tip: Pair with big earrings to draw attention to your shoulders. Styling your hair into a bun or high ponytail will highlight this blouse.

      Let’s also explore a couple of unique blouse ideas.

      Cape blouse

      Imagine a blouse that can give you superpowers! A cape blouse is a short blouse with an additional fabric forming an attached or cape-like layer. A fun way to accessorize your saree, cape blouses can be of different lengths. This loose, flowy, elegant blouse design can be stitched from georgette, chiffon, or silk, joined together in the front or back with a button. Ideal occasions include a luncheon, a cocktail evening, or a party.

      Style tip: Drape a light-colored Georgette sari with a black bustier and a black georgette cape. When draped, all three pieces make a stunning evening ensemble. Experiment with bold contrasting combinations like a dark or neutral-colored saree with a bright-colored cape. Wear it with long earrings, silver, diamonds, or pearls.

      Cut-out blouses

      Modern and stylish variants of traditional blouses, cut-out blouses have strategically positioned cut-out motifs that create a beautiful look. They are a chic way to give your saree combination a dash of style and elegance. Cut-out blouses can be of different types like back cut-outs, cold-shoulder, sleeve cut-outs, or even waist cut-outs. Cotton, silk, georgette, or lace can be used depending on the style and occasion. Cut-out blouses can be designed for weddings, festive occasions, or parties. Cut-outs are bold and can be a style statement at any event. Always choose a blouse design that reflects your personality.

      Style tip: Choose a design that compliments your saree. It is essential that the cut-out blouse doesn’t clash with the saree but enhances it. Always keep the occasion in mind and accessories to highlight the cut-out.

      The options today are many from a one-shoulder blouse to a full-sleeved saree blouse.

      Whether you are looking for a comfortable, chic blouse design or a bold statement piece, Elora is a one-stop shop for all your designer saree and blouse needs. 

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