Starting a Saree Collection? 10 Must-Haves for Every Saree-Lover


A saree has a certain amount of ease and elegance that sets it apart from other ethnic and Western garments. The six-yard-long drape has been intrinsic to Indian culture since ancient times but has evolved ever since. An Indian wardrobe is incomplete without the timeless classic saree because of its versatility.

A saree is not only a special occasion wear; it is ideal for any occasion, whether serving a super glam look or an understated chic one. Between the popular silk fabrics and the comfortable and wearable cotton, there are countless traditional saree collections for you to explore. The all-rounder six yards is the outfit of choice for corporate events, special occasions, weddings, or a simple coffee date.

Synonymous with womanhood and feminity, the saree is more than a piece of clothing. Elora offers the top choices that can feature in the must-have list to create an impact with your enchanting saree-clad presence.

10 Saree Must-Haves for a Saree Enthusiast

Nothing adds more value to your cupboard than traditional silk sarees boasting a rich legacy! Here are a few heirloom sarees and fancy sarees offering a nod to the diverse Indian textile traditions.

  1.Banarasi Saree

Hailing from the lanes and bylanes of the vibrant city of Varanasi, the Banarasi sarees have a loyal fan base. Although the real gold and silver threads are now replaced with colored ones, it continues to exude regal allure. Zari, Kora, and interesting Persian motifs such as ambi, amru, and domak adorn the stunning banarasi sarees.

Banarasi sarees are still the favorite of Indian brides and continue to make a stunning impact on the ramp and the runway.

  2.Kanjeevaram Sarees

Kanjeevaram sarees are a timeless classic, fit as much for your best friend's wedding as for your trousseau. The timeless weave is from a little town in Tamil Nadu, crafted in real zari, which lends it to its eternal appeal. With temple architecture-inspired motifs, they are a testament to an enduring legacy.

  3.Patola Sarees

The recent spark of interest in Indian weaves has the spotlight on Gujarat's much-talked-about weave, Patola. Derived from the word “Pattakulla” (Sanskrit), it’s an ancient fabric with mentions in ancient texts. 

Thanks to the intricate designs and an intriguing weaving technique, the double Ikat saree for women is an heirloom for keeps! Their vibrant colors, rich history, and reversible weave make them irreplaceable.

  4.Paithani Sarees 

A favorite among Maharashtrian brides, the Paithani saree is a must-include in the precious-weaves list. The lustrous weaves (filature silk), colorful palette, and traditional motifs (lotus, parrot, and peacock) make it a handwoven masterpiece. The blending of motifs and colors makes it look nothing short of a woven painting.

  5.Maheshwari sarees

The Maheshwari sarees take their name from Maheshwar (a town in Madhya Pradesh). Fit for the royals, the nine-yard wonder was a creation of a royal herself, Queen Ahilyabai. Saree weavers use an interesting weaving technique called “khat” that lends the weave a lightweight texture. The zari at the pallu and border, and the detailed designs, make it popular for casual and formal occasions.

  6.Bandhani sarees

    The bewitching bandhani sarees are local to Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Uttar Pradesh. The sublime six yards is a fuss-free coveted picture of cool, especially when the temperature soars. The rich tie-and-dye art makes patterns like flowers, elephants, and parrots, giving the drape a distinctive edge - no wonder the heritage craft from the 18th century still manages to stay relevant.

    The saree with colors like gorgeous reds, purples, and fascinating fuchsias and yellows can light up your festive wardrobe like no other ensemble.

      7.Bhagalpuri sarees

    Bhagalpuri silk sarees ( also known as Tussar silk, eri silk, muga silk, and mulberry silk) hail from the “silk city” of Bihar- Bhagalpur. The queen of all fabrics exudes an unparalleled aura. Skilled artisans create curving embroidery on these sarees, creating captivating motifs and patterns. They are the perfect festive wear sarees ideal for weddings and other occasions.

      8.Bollywood Sarees


    No saree wardrobe being built from scratch can ignore the all-glam, lightweight, and stylish Bollywood Sarees. This stunning drape combines the sensuality of modern fluid garments and the elegance of the traditional six yards. The designer sarees impress with vivid hues, bold prints, and translucent fabrics like chiffons, organza, or georgettes. The modern blingy numbers, including sequin sarees, are your best bet for a partywear saree for women!

      9.Linen Sarees

    Although the fabric of linen (a derivative of flax) is one of the oldest in the world, the concept of linen sarees is relatively new. Comfortable and lightweight, these breezy drapes are a complete vision with raw elegance. Earlier, modern sarees were synonymous with workwear sarees in India.

    With the magic touch of handloom designers, the warp and weft (the technique that turns thread into fabric) of linen sarees have undergone a remarkable change. No surprise that the sheer yarn is such a millennial favorite.

      10.Cotton Sarees

    In the mood to rev up your stylish Indian choices? Cotton sarees are ideal for Indian weather. Count on consciously crafted (Parsi Gara weave) cotton sarees; the cotton yards from Jamdani or Kolhapuri cotton that feature captivating block prints, aari work, and the Kantha stitch to create intricate designs. Today, the 5.6-yard wonder features a key place in the heart of the saree lover.

    The classic Indian saree has secured a permanent spot on the style radar and is the quintessence of every Indian woman’s wardrobe. Take a peek at the stunning collection at and start making beautiful drapes a part of your life today. Experiment with different draping styles of saree and use accessories to create a standout saree look.  

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    (Copyright 2023 Elora Fashion. All rights reserved. You may not reproduce or communicate any content on this website, including downloadable files from this website, without the permission of the copyright owner.)